If you’re reading this post right now, please know that you are reading what I hope to be the very first of many blog posts on this new blog!

I have been an avid blog reader for many years and have long desired to start my own and delve into this fascinating world of blogging.  But, I always thought, what would I write about?  Would it be entertaining to anyone besides me??

Well, I finally got some ideas down on paper, and decided to dive right in.  Here goes nothing!!!  (ok, not nothing, I sure hope not nothing because then what would you have to read here, am I right?)

So let’s start at the beginning, like any new relationship, with an introduction: share our names and where we’re from?

Novo Life: the word “Novo” means “new” in Portuguese and just so happens to be our family name.  This blog is new to me, and in our life we are always ready to try new adventures and experiences.  And we are also children of Portuguese emigrants!

We are based out of Southwestern Ontario, Canada, just one hour west of the big city of Toronto (aka the 6, T-dot, T.O).

Now it’s your turn!  Tell me about yourself in the comments below!  And thank you for stopping by!