Halloween showed up pretty quickly for us this year.  So much so, that a week before the 31st of October I found ourselves without a costume for my son.

I always ask my son what his ideas are for costumes, and he usually tries to come up with ideas related to current events, what’s hot in toys and games, etc.  This year, with the craze of Pokémon Go taking up our family fun times, he decided that he would love to be the Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum.  But, he was very specific…it had to be the most recent version, the XY version.  I know very little about the Pokémon world, so since Google and Pinterest are my best friends, it was very easy to find what he was referring to.


Unfortunately, what I couldn’t find was a ready-made, ready-to-buy Ash Ketchum costume.  Now what to do?  Enter my hero, my mama (my son’s grandma/vóvó), who is a skilled seamstress, to the rescue (again)!

As much as I’d love to take credit for this DIY, I must shamefully confess that I did not inherit my mama’s sewing skills.  Nor have I made time to learn them.  I can sew on a button or two, but it takes much longer than it needs to!  I really must make time someday to learn her mastery so that I can at least hem my own pants one day (which at my petite height is necessary more often than not)!

After closely scrutinizing the pictures I could find online, I determined that the only things I needed to have created was the top/jacket, the ball cap and the gloves.  The pants could be any type of blue casual/cargo style pant and a simple black t-shirt was easy enough to find.


Since the weather is never very warm for Halloween night here in Southwestern Ontario, the choice of fabric for making the jacket was important.  As a kid growing up here myself, my least favourite part of Halloween night was always having to cover up my costume with a winter coat!  So when mama and I went out to pick out and buy fabric, we headed right for the selection of fleece fabrics.  We picked out two different colours and made sure to get enough of the lighter blue colour to use some for the ball cap.

We also picked out a small amount of some red fabric in order to make some cuffs to attach to some cheap black stretchy gloves I had.  The gloves that Ash Ketchum wears are technically fingerless, but again, due to the cold weather at this time of year, I decided to forgo that part of the costume and leave the fingers whole.


My son already had a red ball cap in his closet that had the NovoFit logo on it.  Instead of buying a new red hat, my mama suggested that she could simply hand stitch the fleece fabric onto the hat and it’s brim so as not to damage the hat itself.  Because the logo on the hat was a bit large, to get it fully covered mama had to cut the fabric arch a little bigger than it should be.  My son didn’t mind at all that it didn’t match Ash Ketchum’s exactly; he was so excited already for the costume as he saw it come together.

Of course, we couldn’t forget the accessories to bring this costume to life, and for it to be somewhat recognizable to those who don’t partake in Pokémon or Pokémon Go.  I picked up a plush Pikachu, which my son loved being able to add to his collection of stuffies.  I also managed to find a plastic Poké Ball at a local toystore for a reasonable price, although my first instinct was to buy a cheap bouncy ball and paint it to look like a Poké Ball.

The best part of this whole DIY was seeing how happy my son was with his homemade costume and how much more special it was because it was made with love by vóvó.