What’s not to love about musical theatre? You get a great story set to amazing music and lyrics, and fantastic choreographed dance numbers as well.  I have loved it just as much as I have always loved musicals in movies too… I can’t get enough.  So whenever I get the chance (and let’s be honest: the time and the money), I love to take in a Mirvish production in Toronto.

Lucky for me I happened to be in the big city for a few nights for work and so I eagerly looked online for ticket deals for what I had heard to be a terrific production of Matilda the Musical.  I had never read Roald Dahl’s book Matilda, on which the play is based, and I had only watched bits and pieces of the 1996 movie of the same name.  So I really wasn’t familiar with the storyline…. But I do love hearing good feedback from others, and that’s usually enough for me to trust that I will enjoy something.  I was told it wasn’t totally a story for just children, and that it was very entertaining for adults.  With that in mind, I conned convinced my colleague friend that we should go see it and have a night out at the theatre.  We ordered our tickets online and were able to take advantage of a special deal that was offered for mid-week shows.  Perfect!

Right in the heart of Toronto, Matilda the Musical is on stage at the Ed Mirvish Theatre (originally known as the Pantages Theatre), which still is stunning to look at and really has that gorgeous “I’m off to the Thea-ter” feel about it.


Always look up!


We excitedly arrived to terrific seats on the orchestra level, and were ready to be entertained.  And entertained we were!  From the storyline, to the lyrics, to the singing, acting and dancing, and the amazing sets and production, we were amazed by it all!  And of course the children…the child actors were fantastic and really made me wish I was 10 years old again so that I could be a part of this production.


Matilda the Musical is the story of a 5 year old girl who is exceptionally smart and spends her time reading and going to the library in order to avoid her parents and brother who have no interest in her.  She begins school where she meets a lovely teacher (Miss Honey) and a nasty headmistress (Ms. Trunchbull) and discovers a special power within herself that will help her get through all of the obstacles to her happiness.


Days later, I was still humming the songs and thinking about the incredible sets and scenes.  “When I Grow Up” is one of my favourite, but then I also love all the rest too like “Naughty” and “Revolting Children”.

Just to give you a preview of the amazingness of this show, this video is from the Olivier Awards (the British version of the Tonys), and it’s performed by the cast of the original London production.

I highly recommend going to see Matilda the Musical in Toronto while you still can.  Take anyone with you who appreciates amazing singing, dancing and acting, and you will not leave disappointed.  The only unfortunate part is that Matilda the Musical is only on stage in Toronto until January 7, 2017.  BUT what a great idea for Christmas gifts!  Give someone the experience of seeing Matilda the Musical!

Go now and check out the Mirvish Productions website for tickets.  I need to do the same, as I realized after I saw the show that my son would love to see it as well…

Remember that in life…”Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty” – Matilda Wormwood, in “Matilda the Musical”