Since the love of reading runs in the family and my son has been dying for a spot on my blog since he found out I started one, I thought that the best place for him was for him to write his own book reviews and recommendations, for other kids and even adults.

Like me, he is a avid reader, and he likes to read a wide variety of books.  Non-fiction, fiction, comics, and pretty much anything he finds interesting.  So when I asked him to contribute a book review, he knew right away which book would be his first.

My son Cris’ first book review on this blog is here:

I found Col. Chris Hadfield’s An Astronaut’s Guide to Life On Earth really interesting. It is his autobiography and has really cool facts I never knew, like how you actually have to be a military pilot to be able to become an astronaut. That fact out of many made a lot more things in my life make sense, like how one of my school friends (who will be unnamed) wanted to be a military pilot. I’m guessing he also read the book, and wants to be an astronaut.

Col. Chris Hadfield also made the book understandable for ages 10 and older. I think a 10 year old would be able to follow along pretty easily. Of course, Col. Hadfield did include a glossary and index, just in case, like the #1 rule in space!!! As he explains in the book: Every moment in space, you should always be thinking, “What’s the next thing that could kill me?”, so you can avoid it. It is a bit of a long book, with 295 pages, but honestly, I think the better of that. It was so cool, I didn’t want it to ever end!!!

To end this review, I will say this: for those parents out there who have children who are the age of 10 or older that love reading, I would get this fascinating book for them. It is also an inspirational book for boys and girls who may want to be an astronaut or who have dreams that they think are unreachable.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” – Walt Disney

Cris – 11 years old

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