All of the beautiful Christmas cards that are sent and received every year deserve a special place to be on display for the holiday season.
They are so colourful and lovely that they are Christmas decor in their own right.
I used to struggle with where to display the cards we received and so we used to stand them up on our fireplace mantle. But then we or visitors couldn’t really see them very well or appreciate their loveliness, so I needed to find a better spot for them to be displayed, like artwork.

Two years ago I picked up this Nyttja frame at IKEA (which I believe is no longer available) and took off the plastic cover (it wasn’t a frame with glass so it was fairly cheap), added in some bakers twine across the front and hung my Christmas cards from it!  I was happy with my little solution so that I had a neat and tidy place for all the cards we’d received.  I just took down a piece of artwork that was on the wall and used that space for the frame for the holiday season.



I picked up this baker’s twine in red and green from Target‘s Dollar Spot when they were still in Canada. Boy do I ever still miss Target… especially for sweet little deals like these.dsc_0070

I pulled the twine across the front of the frame and then simply taped it around the back, but made sure it was pulled taut, as when the cards start to be hung on it, it can start pulling down.dsc_0038

I can’t remember where I picked up these little black clothespins, but I think you can find them many places nowadays, like Michaels.  I added some glitter tape to one of them to see if I liked it but realized that I didn’t want to add so much bling as the cards would be out-shined.dsc_0072

I love using my glitter tape!  As you can see I have quite the collection… I picked up a nice set of these at Winners/HomeSense/Marshalls in the last couple of years so you have to keep looking every time you go!

So this year when I hung up my frame ready to hang cards, I found it to be very blah.  Like it needed some Christmasy decorations on it to spice it up.  I happily got out some gold glitter tape and went to work adding some glitter to the edges of the frame.dsc_0062

(And…here is my full collection including washi tape as well (I love washi tape!).  You can get lovely washi tape from Omiyage in Canada.  I digress….)dsc_0058

Then I pulled out my favourite black & white striped wire-edged ribbon from Michaels (I stocked up on it recently as all Christmas ribbon was 70% off!) and used it to add a bow to the top of the frame.  I simply hot-glued it on.dsc_0053

Better, right?card-frame-after-embellishments

But…I still needed a little more.  Nothing says Christmas without some live greenery in as many places you can put it in the home!dsc_0076


NOW I’m satisfied!  final-card-frame