I’m a sucker for sending traditional (or non-traditional) Christmas cards, and still can’t give it up. With the cost of postage nowadays, I see why many people have stopped this practice, or stick to just hand-delivering them. I get it, I really do. This year, in order to reduce costs, and remember the reason for the season I plan to hand deliver as many as I possibly can so that I can personally give Christmas wishes to each person and spend some time with them too.

I got started back in November with researching online where I was going to order my cards from based on rates, shipping costs and shipping times.  Nowadays you can always find some good sales or discount codes as well, so be sure to look for special offers on the site itself or search for a discount code online.  The last couple of years I’ve ordered my Christmas cards from VistaPrint.  Their selection of different styles of holiday cards is vast and you should easily be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.  I figure out what it is that I want to order and then order it the week of Black Friday, when there are amazing deals on.  For the amount of money saved with the sales, I am able to upgrade the paper quality of the cards and it still ends up being a great deal.

Now I’m in the midst of stamping, addressing, checking off, and delivering. I admit I do most of it all myself, but I like to get my son involved in some ways so that he can follow along with the traditions in our family. Whenever we receive a card I make sure he sees it and who it’s from. Then we hang it up together on our Christmas card frame, which is just an Ikea frame that i repurposed with some bakers twine and mini clothes pins (I’ll show you this in a future post).

Another thing we do (admittedly not every year, but when we remember and can afford to: an international stamp this year costs $2.50!) is to send Christmas greetings to Queen Elizabeth II and to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (Here’s a tidbit about me: I am slightly obsessed with anything and anyone British…the food, the Spice Girls, the Beckhams, and of course, the British Royal Family…and I’ve never even been to London YET!)

Did you know that if you send a letter or card to a member of the Royal Family that you will get a response? It may not necessarily be personalized, but it will be a response mailed to you!

One year we sent a Christmas card to the Queen and got this letter back (on Buckingham Palace stationary! Eeek!):


We’ve also sent congratulatory cards to William and Catherine on the occasions of their marriage and the birth of their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte:




And then I keep them safe in these commemorative cookie tins so that I can give them to him when he’s older (assuming he’ll care?).


Really though….It’s not just for me that we do this! My son really does enjoy it. I did not have to pursuade him to wake up very early on the morning of April 29, 2011 when he was just 6 years old to watch the Royal Wedding with me!

Anyhoo, we’ll be working on those cards this week so we can get them into the mail quickly.  If you’d like to write to the Queen, you would address it to:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

If you would like to contact a member of the Royal Family, you can click here to go to the Royal Family’s site to find out the addresses and the proper etiquette as to how to address them.  The site for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also has a special section for children which explains how to write a letter to a member of the Royal Family.

Now, time to get writing!