HAPPY NEW YEAR and FELIZ ANO NOVO to everyone!  I hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday season with your loved ones and that 2017 will bring you much love, health and happiness.

My mamã always brings me sweet little treasures from her trips back to the motherland, and she knows that even the simplest of things are enough for me to be thankful of these little reminders of the other country I love.

My latest treasure is a simple 6-pack of Renova pocket tissues. I’ve always liked the different products Renova makes because they can be colourful or scented (lavender scented!) or both at once! I usually pick up Renova products when I’m in Portugal or even in my local Portuguese stores in the community that I live as they are different than what you find in the major retailers here.  However, I have recently found some colourful Renova paper napkins at my local Superstore, so they are making their way here!

Anyways, I digress….. This six pack of pocket tissues that my mom brought me have limited edition designs on the outside of the package of each pack which are typical designs found in Portuguese culture. One has a typical sardine pattern on it, one has images of the historic trams found in Lisbon and one has a pattern from the traditional “Lenços dos Namorados” that were used in the Minho province of Portugal many years ago.

It pained me to open the outside packaging as it is so lovely, and even the messaging on the packaging is sweet:

It may be such a simple thing as tissues, but it really makes it so much nicer when I have to reach into my purse to grab myself or someone else a tissue and I pull out a nice little reminder of Portugal.

When I visited the Renova website to see what other goodies they had, I was shocked to find so many different designs for pocket tissues, tissue boxes, toilet paper and paper napkins! I have seen many products on the store shelves but didn’t realize how many actual products Renova had to offer.

Did you know you could get colourful toilet paper in whatever colour you choose?

Sleek black toilet paper from Renova!


You can also find so many different designs for paper napkins, for all different seasons or celebrations, and such nice quality, like these….

Swimming Pool Napkins

And these….

Abstract Express

If you want to get matching products in keeping with the Portuguese designs, they also have tissue boxes and napkins too:

Viana Facial Tissues


Embroidery Love

Little thoughtful gifts don’t need to be expensive….these sweet souvenirs are a good example of that!

Now, I need to go do some online shopping… I see that they DO ship world-wide!

BTW, this post was NOT sponsored, all reviews and opinions are my own!