It’s time for the continuation of my ever-growing list of traditional Portuguese sayings…and these are really interesting ones! What is it about doing things after the sun goes down that is so bad for the Portuguese people?? Four out of five of these all relate to sundown and what NOT to do…

First though, I just wanted to express my appreciation to those who take the time to share their knowledge and stories with me. Family is everything to me. I love getting together with my immediate and extended family to eat good food, drink some great wine and chat for hours. This is where this inspiration and these stories come from.  It just takes me asking a question to my parents and cousins about traditional sayings or customs that they grew up with in the motherland, and the conversation flows.  One remembers a custom and another has a story to go with it, which sometime helps to explain the background behind it. I don’t take these minutes/hours for granted.  It’s making memories of reminiscing and learning about our family history and I treasure these moments. So thank you mom and dad and to my sweet cousins for sharing your memories with me.

If you missed the first two parts of my list, you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here!

Now let’s get to Part 3 and five more traditional Portuguese sayings:

11. Do not sweep dirt out of your house, or even shake your mats outside, after sunset, as you are letting your money or wealth leave.

12.  It is bad to luck to whistle after sundown!  Apparently if you do, you are calling the snakes/bad or evil things to your home…. or in Portuguese they say that you are “chamar as cobras para casa”

13.  If a rooster crows after sundown or if dogs are howling constantly it means someone you know will die soon.

14. Don’t eat oranges at night time, as this can be bad for you as it is too much acid in your stomach before bed. There is an actual rhyming saying that goes like this: “De manha é ouro, ao meio dia é prata, e a noite mata”.  This translates to say “In the morning it is gold, at noon it is silver and at night it can kill you”.

15. If you have a dinner party and are only expecting 13 people in total (including yourself), you need to set another place setting for a 14th person.  Therefore, if you have 13 people seated at the table, you would need to have 14 place settings set out, as if to say you are waiting for someone else to show up.  If not, it may be that one of those people may not be there the following year.

Yes, I know, many of these can be depressing right? Way to make all the sayings about bad luck or death, right? But I guess there is no need for sayings or traditions about good luck, because if you follow all of these, you will only have good luck!

Wishing you all a restful week and much good luck!