Fun Stuff on the Internet: The Fitness Marshall

Fun Stuff on the Internet: The Fitness Marshall

I love to surf the internet when I manage to find some downtime, and part of that is finding new fun videos to watch.

A few months ago I stumbled upon The Fitness Marshall and his choreographed fitness video for my then-favourite new catchy Meghan Trainor song “Me Too”:

I couldn’t stop watching it!  Caleb Marshall is so entertaining and he and his dancers are amazing dancers and they make it seem like you could totally look great dancing along with them (oh, and getting a workout too!).

Of course, he also picks great songs to choreograph a fitness routine to, and his choreography is terrific.

Another of my favourites to watch is “Phone”:

Ok, Ok, so I know that the point of these is not to be sitting on my couch watching them.  I do intend to start using them for what they are… fitness videos!  I promise, I will write a follow-up post next month on how I am enjoying working out to the Fitness Marshall’s videos.

In the meantime, check out his channel on Youtube by clicking here, where he has many other excellent and fun fitness videos to popular songs.

Also, Caleb and some of his dancers do travel around and host a fitness show where you can buy a ticket to attend and participate.  If you follow him on his Facebook page here you can read about upcoming events and dates.  He sells out quickly, as he totally was just in Guelph, Ontario, Canada recently and I missed out on tickets!

Have fun dancing (or watching from your couch like me, LOL)!